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I'm an optimistic, rational, and sophisticated person with definite thoughts of congruency.

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My Story

I always had a passion for getting into business and be accountable for the growth/setback for my product.

Being someone from science I always liked to derive insights and patterns from what has happened and to build my justifiable approach to the system.

The art of building something has always fascinated me. The pillars of the whole infrastructure, be it a business, product, painting there's always an industry approach to do it.

My professional career started way before I Graduated as a Computer Science Engineer. I used to handle a store while I was in high school and a grad student. The best part is, it taught me is maturity, diplomacy, and the importance of decision making. I did that for a couple of years to unravel the enigma of basic trade. As an engineering student, I was into ethical hacking and did certain workshops on it. I was lucky enough to get hired in a product-based company, worked on pretty much much everything that I didn't even know about. I was very curious about the decision-making algos and the beauty of how basic mathematics can be leveraged in the IT industry to want us to desire things that we don't even need. Hence during my journey as a full-stack, I did certain certifications in DataScience and Data Engineering. Here I'm Pursuing my master's in Data Science.
So I'll be looking for a role of Technical Product Analyst/Technical Business Analyst

More of a Solo traveler but an extrovert.  Travel journalism with the art of photography can be termed as my hobbies, apart from which I like the power of words.


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