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Orxe 3.0

Orxe 3.0 is a UI framework that does the heavy lifting for our substantial feature-enabled travel platform. I'm working as a UI developer on this project with major exposure to flight as a product. The flexibility of this product is what makes it so complex.

This product handles, Chase's whole travel loyalty program.
Expected around 40K bookings per day.

Contribution to my carrier: I'm majorly working on Angular, JS, Lit components, certain standardization tools, and so on.

Around 100 devs working on the same repos, so management is one of the key highlights.

Jan 2021 - Present

NexGen Order System

I worked as a backend developer with exposure to C#, .NetCore, certain messaging queues. This product is responsible for the entire order management. This made it more critical, Working on this project gave me a good aura of tight deadlines.
Catered more than 10K requests per day.

Contribution to my carrier: TDD and Fluent validation were some technical highlights for me.

Delivery as per business and flexibility.

I also published an article on writing Data-driven Developer test cases, it can be found here.

July 2020 - Jan 2021

Data Lake POC

Because of the growing organization and vast chunk of Data we had, we thought of some data standardization. For which we needed a good data Pipeline. With a background as a software developer, I started working as a Data Engineer. Handling this solo, I had created certain applications to get hands-on. The Tech stack was completely new as it involved different components and their integration.

Contribution to my carrier: Kafka, Streams, Flink, Streams, and so on.

I also published an article relating to the use and management of Schema Registry in Pipeline, it can be found here.

Dec 2019 - July 2020


Pinsigh Migration was a huge codebase migration activity on our client's platform.

The product involved end-to-end bookings for hotels, cars, flights, and Activity.

In the due course, I worked on onboarding and integrating multiple suppliers that provide us with dynamic booking data. Worked on improving the pentest report for our Go-Live.

Built a role-based customer profiling tool too.

Contribution to my carrier: DotNet Core, Travel Loyalty introduction, Caching frameworks, Aerospike, client interaction. tight deadlines.

Also, I did my classroom certifications in Machine learning parallel to my work.

November 2017 - Dec 2019


Started with my training as a software developer. The training was based on all aspects of software development including frontend, infra, and specialized in the backend.

Contribution to my carrier: DotNet Core, Rest APIs. Soap Apis, Solid principles, Design patterns, GitHub, Jira, and so on

July 2017 - Nov 2017

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