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2021 - Present

JP Morgon Chase & Co.

Working as a full-stack developer in the consumer travel ecosystem for building a brand new nextgen product with configuration-driven feature offering for our benefiting clients

Got exposure to standard Angular framework practices. The standardization and maintainability of code were technical highlights from here.

For our new product, we are supporting around 40K bookings per day.

2017 - 2021

Tavisca Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Started my carrier as a software developer eventually getting into full-stack development.

Did a POC on data ingestion as a part of data lake implementation.

I worked in developing the product also served to clients, Was actively part of product migration to our client's environment. 

DotNet core and framework were the primary frameworks used.

Catered 4-5K bookings per day on regular basis and the peak went up to 15K per day.


2021- present

 Master’s in Data Science

Pursuing my Master's in Data Science from Liverpool John Moores University, batch of 2021-2023

2013 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering

Graduated from Institute of Technical Education and Research(SOA University), Bhubaneswar with a CGPA of 7.75

Technology and Frameworks.

& Expertise

Strengths and Interpersonal

Hobbies and Enthusiasm

  • Languages: C#, JavaScript, Python

  • Frameworks: .Net Framework & Core, Angular

  • Development Principals: SOLID, TDD

  • Messaging Queues: Kafka, Rabbit MQ

  • Logging Frameworks: ELK, Grafana Loki

  • DataBase: SQL, Aerospike

  • IDE's: Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code.

  • Version Control: GitHub, Git.

  • Code Standardization Scanners: SonarQube, CheckMarx

  • CloudPlatform: Amazon AWS, k8

  • Process automation: Jenkins, Jira, Git 

  • Testing Framework: Nunit. XUnit, Jest

  • API documentation: Swagger

  • Good hands-on with Jira and Confluence.

  • Outspoken and mature decision-maker.

  • Adaptive to work culture and environment.

  • Diplomatic and inclusive

  • Agile Framework.

  • Solo Traveler

  • Photo Journalist

  • Hiking

  • PC Gaming

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